What We Do

We listen…and then we consult. Pretty simple.


Our Services

We basically do three things for our clients.

Strategic Brand Messaging

Everything GREAT starts with the RIGHT messages for YOUR audiences based on their psychological needs and desires.

Create YOUR Go-To-Market Strategy

This is all about designing just the right mix of PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned) media to attract YOUR audiences and build quality long-term relationships

Execute YOUR PESO Plan

NOW we get to the tactics and execute the mix to perfection for maximum return on YOUR marketing investment!

Still Doubting?

  • RobertsonComm provided us with a great PR backbone strategy to launch the Fusion Guitar. Scott’s experience of the music industry coupled and his media contacts exceeded our reach expectations. A great start for a start up, from a knowledgeable and personal person

    Con Dekazos
    CEO, Fusion Guitars

  • Scott came very highly recommended and he did not disappoint. He was able to help us structure a powerful emotional brand message and introduced our product to the right media to fuel our early stage growth! He rocks!

    Vince De Franco
    Founder, Synesthesia

  • We are very grateful to Scott and his RobertsonComm team for exceptional marketing counsel, strategy and execution that has helped my business grow for many years!

    Kelly Moore
    President, Moore Benefits

  • Scott makes me look great and that’s exactly what I want in a marketing partner!

    Dean Sperling

    Dean Sperling Law

  • Of my two children, Scott is definitely one of my favorites and keeps in regular communication with me. Also, he moved out of my house when he was 18 and I never once had him move back in. Thank you, Scott, for keeping your end of the bargain.

    Scott Robertson’s Mom

    Naples, Florida

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