Marketing is a plague.


We avoid it.
We block it.
We complain about it.
We hate it.


Are you tired of feeling disappointed by your marketing?

There’s a lot of bad marketing in this world. From all of those e-mails you never read, to the ads you skipped to the social posts you deemed irrelevant.

Most companies waste at ton of time and money on marketing—and wonder why it doesn’t work.

RobertsonComm can help your company ATTRACT customers, win at marketing—and never worry about this again!


Download our PDF "The Top 3 Reasons You Are Losing Business"

You have something valuable to say. And you’ve tried to say it, but for some reason, they just aren’t hearing you. So what’s up? Well this handy little guide will show you the Top 3 Reasons why you may be losing business! And don’t worry — all of this stuff is fixable!

RobertsonComm Can:

Clarify Your Brand Story

If your story isn’t clear and isn’t about solving your customer’s probem, nothing else will work.

Fix Your Collateral

We can fix all of your current marketing collateral to match your new brand story.

Take Your Story to the Media

9 out of 10 people don’t trust anything a company says. But, the right strategy of media/influencer relations can change that. 

New! RobertsonComm Marketing Coaching

Good news! I’m now offering my ongoing services as YOUR company’s secret weapon—a marketing coach who dislikes marketing—and thus will make YOUR marketing into something truly special. Hiring a 30-year Marketing and Communications veteran like me full-time could be VERY expensive, but with my new coaching packages, you can get great insight, advice, coaching and help with deliverables for a fraction of that cost!

Why interrupt when you can attract? Why annoy when they can enjoy? Why just sell them one time when you can engage them in your story and create fans?

Bring me in to help your existing team—or do to the things no one is doing (but REALLY need to be done). And they will be done correctly to ensure you WIN at marketing!

How RobertsonComm is different

At RobertsonComm, we know that you want to be a market leader and feel like a WINNER at marketing. In order to do that, you need professional public relations/branding/marketing services. The problem is noise and confusion and the customer’s lack of trust, which makes you feel disappointed with your marketing.

We believe YOUR marketing can be SO much more! We understand YOUR business and YOUR pain, which is why 30-year MarComm veteran Scott Robertson will handle your account personally. Scott has invested 30 years creating marketing that wins and has achieved his accreditation in public relations (PRSA) and his StoryBrand Certified Guide status so you know it’s gonna be exceptional!


Our Prices: Fair—and Always About Results and Return on Your Investment!



Option 1: Basics

Everything GREAT starts with the RIGHT messages for YOUR audiences based on their psychological needs and desires. We will create a clear brand story and a one liner for YOUR company using the StoryBrand framework

Option 2: Basics Plus

The Basics package above plus home page wireframe and creation of a lead generating pdf using the StoryBrand framework.

Option 3: Full Sales Funnel

Includes everything from other packages, plus creation of interior web page copy (4 pages) E-mail sales sequence (5 e-mails for YOUR sales funnel)

Plus, we can add PR/Content Services to any package. This is where we will identify news, human interest stories pitch to local media, create content/4x monthly blog posts for main site, amplify via social. Monthly retainers range from $2-5K.

Accredited and Certified Marketing Guidance!

Web - StoryBrand Guide Badge WHITE

Great Results!

  • “HOLY WOW, SCOTT!”  “These PR results are incredible” — Graeme Winder, MeloQuest (makers of Keys & Kingdoms videogame)

  • Helped entrepreneur business owner (employee benefits space) grow her company with strong brand messaging and ongoing content marketing/PR leading to a 7-figure sale!

  • Rebranded tech company (A.I. space) allowing them to double in size in 2019.

  • Generated 3-4X ROI on PR investment for software app company!

  • Created brand messaging and website for Florida non-profit org leading to the achievement of fundraising goals in 2019!

  • Drove awareness with national pro audio/consumer electronics manufacturer causing them to completely sell out of product inventory 4 TIMES in one year due to successful national publicity campaigns!

What People Are Saying!

  • Great PR Backbone Strategy!

    “RobertsonComm provided us with a great PR backbone strategy to launch the Fusion Guitar. Scott’s experience of the music industry coupled and his media contacts exceeded our reach expectations. A great start for a start up, from a knowledgeable and personal person.”

    Great PR Backbone Strategy!
    Con Dekazos
  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T

    “I respect Scott’s opinion and think he does an amazing job handling public relations for all of our products.”

    Customer Service
  • Grattiude is an Attitude

    “We are very grateful to Scott and his RobertsonComm team for exceptional marketing counsel, strategy and execution that has helped my business grow for many years!”

    Grattiude is an Attitude
    Kelly Moore
  • You Can Always Get What You Want

    “Scott makes me look great and that’s exactly what I want in a marketing partner!”

    You Can Always Get What You Want
    Dean Sperling
  • You Want This Guy Working with You

    “In my experience, Scott’s the guy you want working on your projects. His expertise and intricate knowledge in social media and branding, along with his steady stream of creative ideas has helped me do my job better for the NAMM Show. In addition, his advice in growing my business and my own social media presence has been extremely valuable to me. Thank you, Scott!”

    You Want This Guy Working with You
    Steve Lindland
  • The Pleasure Was All Mine

    “I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Scott Robertson in his capacity as Director of Public Relations & Social Media with NAMM. I must say that he has done an amazing job publicizing and expanding the scope of the music products industry. Now that he’s out on his own, I’m sure that he will remain a major driving force in the communications world. I feel confident in recommending Scott to anyone looking for an effective and professional PR counselor.”

    The Pleasure Was All Mine
  • Never Moved Back In With Me

    “Of my two children, Scott is definitely one of my favorites and keeps in regular communication with me. Also, he moved out of my house when he was 18 and I never once had him move back in. Thank you, Scott, for keeping your end of the bargain.”

    Never Moved Back In With Me
    Scott's Mom

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