Does Marketing Have to Bother or Annoy People?

I say this a lot but, I still get the question—so here goes. Marketing DOES NOT have to bother and annoy people. That is a choice—and a poor one. GREAT marketing connects those who need with those who have. Simple. The problem is those who have are riddled with fear that those who need won’t choose them and to comfort themselves they plaster the world with forgettable, sales-driven messaging that is completely one-sided. There IS a better way. Start with a great story about THEM, add a lot of great content that helps THEM and then when THEY are ready (don’t get all needy), they WILL be attracted to your brand and they will buy. You don’t need to call them, text them, invade their social feeds, bombard them with advertising they don’t want or any other fear-driven needy tactics. Just be AMAZING for THEM and marketing in order to build long-term customer relationships becomes quite simple. I am available to answer any questions about marketing how to do it MUCH better. #marketing101, #storybrandguide, #telemarketing, #smsmarketing, #emailmarketing