Strategic Brand Messaging

Everything GREAT starts with the RIGHT messages for YOUR audiences based on their psychological needs and desires.

Great communications programs ALWAYS begin with strong and powerful brand messaging that reaches the target audience and motivates them to beahve in various ways. Many companies settle for a surface level “this is what we do” approach, but that has limited effectiveness. YOUR message can and should go deeper.

RobertsonComm now offers half-day strategic brand messaging workshops to:

  • Work through RC’s proven 7-step neuromarketing process to create differentiated/unique and much stronger company an product messages and market positioning.
  • Develop a one-page Message Map document (deliverable), which can and should be used for all company communications (web site, advertising, public relations, e-marketing, social media, promotions, etc.). The Message Map includes new positioning statement, emotional brand center, benefits with support info, storytelling topics and tagline if appropriate.
  • Scott Robertson, CEO of RobertsonComm, will conduct the workshop for your business either via Skype or in person. The results will give your initiatives a more effective brand messaging platform to drive awareness and sales for the company.

To book your session, contact Scott Robertson, APR at or 949-766-6789